This Life Capsule is a safe place where friends and family of Sammy Fuller can collect and share those memories that, together, paint a rich portrait of an entire life.

All contributions are welcome — share a story, tell an anecdote, remember how you met, post a photograph of moments together, upload a picture of something cherished, share a poem that Sammy Fuller liked or would have liked. You may also write completely private letters to the person you just lost (you will see that expressing what you were unable to say before will be a very powerful and healing experience). Or you may prefer to write a private letter of support for the family, and offer your desire to help. All these options are open.

Every contribution is safely stored in the Life Capsule. You may choose to make it completely private (in which case you will be the only one to ever see it), or you may open it up for the family to see, or even others whom the family invites. Regardless of the privacy setting that you select, other contributors won't be able to see your submissions while stories are still being collected — nor will you be able to see theirs. This privacy and separation during the creation of the Life Capsule encourages people to communicate deeply and sincerely, without feeling that they're doing it " in the open "; people feel free to take the time to remember, to write, to find the right words.

After you submit your contribution, you will receive an email with a link that will allow you to edit it or even delete it. There's time — submit a draft now if you want and come back at a later time to complete it. And keep on coming to share more — there's absolutely no limit to how many memories you can share.

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